OutPatient Therapy (OPT)

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What are Outpatient Therapy (OPT) Services?

OPT is the treatment of mental, emotional or chemical dependency disorders through scheduled visits between the therapist and the client(s). Outpatient behavioral health psychotherapy services may be provided in an office, in a community setting or if appropriate, in the home. The focus of outpatient psychotherapy treatment is to improve ormaintain an individual's ability to function as well as decrease symptoms that may complicate functioning. 

Sigma’s approach to OPT is solution-focused!

Time spent in therapy focuses on addressing the emotional, behavioral, occupational and educational obstacles that hinder individuals from reaching their fullest potential. The therapist and the client will collaborate to define specific, measurable personal goals. As part of the initial assessment and outpatient treatment planning process, there is a discharge plan evaluated and revised as necessary as treatment continues. The discharge plan outlines the agreed upon level of progress to suspend, lessen or stop therapeutic visits.

Periodic outpatient therapy is often sufficient for most individuals seeking outpatient treatment services, including those with more serious and persistent behavioral health conditions. Medication Management, plus ongoing, periodic treatment by a licensed mental health professional (e.g. once or twice per month) may be necessary to maintain certain individuals’ healthy functioning, to erase problematic emotional and behavioral symptoms, and to prevent the need for more intensive treatment at higher levels of care.

Note: Outpatient treatment of chemical dependency is covered under outpatient psychotherapy.



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