A New Way Of Living (ANWOL)

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A New Way of Living, A Substance Abuse Program for Adolescent, which seeks to assist young people in overcoming their use of mind altering substances.

The program is based on behavioral modification and it challenges young people to place strong boundaries around their substance use. Our program is designed to give them the tools needed to overcome their use of substances.

The program is offered in two hour sessions, once per week for six weeks and it includes two random drug screens. It introduces the teen to the Stages of Change which include: Pre-Contemplation, Contemplation, and Action. This program will journey them to A New Way of Living.

Counselors' input and group discussion will give insight to the young individuals and activities will be included as well.

Topics covered are:


  • Intro to the Stages of Change and Self-Identity

  • Pros and Cons of Substance Use

  • Identifying Low/High Risk Situations for Using

  • Investigating Triggers and Cravings

  • Developing a Change Strategy

  • A New Way of Living



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